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European Energy Dialogue on the Energy Union: Progress, Governance, and Civil Society Participation

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Europe's energy markets and sector are in the middle of a large transformation process towards a low-carbon system with a much more diverse landscape of market participants. This transition process deeply affects civil society, from consumers to producers, industry to farmers, and tenants to SMEs. It is therefore of central importance to hear the voice and reflect on the interests of citizens and civil society in the process of designing and deciding energy policies.


The European Economic and Social Committee, (EESC) conference, which will take plave on 7 September 2017 in Brussels, Belgium, aims at facilitating an Energy Dialogue by bringing together representatives of civil society organisations, experts and senior representatives of the European institutions.


More specifically, the event seeks to foster an open debate of cross-cutting topics that have emerged from the EESC's recent work on the "Clean Energy for All Europeans" package, namely governance, empowering consumers, financing the energy transition, greening the economy, and the future (progress) of the Energy Union.


There will be five panels of discussion on the following topics:


  • Governing the Energy Union – From national binding targets to peer-group pressure
  • Empowering energy consumers – Between vulnerabilities and opportunities in the new markets
  • Financing the energy transition – Between austerity and the Juncker Plan
  • Greening the economy – Innovations, prices & employment
  • State of the Energy Union now and in the future

Each of the five panels will be presented with a number of ideas, experiences, and questions received from citizens and civil society organisations across Europe ahead of the conference. For each of the five panels, the panellists' short presentations will be followed by an extended Q&A session.



For further information on registration, agenda etc., please visit the event's website at the link below.

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