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Final Conference EPC4SES

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EPC4SES will celebrate its final conference with the title "EPC based Digital Building Twins for Smart Energy Systems" on December 15th to provide a final overview of the project activities and general outcomes.

In a few days on Dec. 15th on 11am it will take place the Final EPC4SES Conference. A two-hours event in which all partners from the project will participate ( Energy- and Environmental-Consulting e.U., SEnerCon GmbH, Cleopa GmbH, Wellness TechGroup, Fachhochschule Salzburg and Vestlandsforsking) and give a final overview on the project activities and general findings. Join it on December 15!



  • Project Introduction
  • Pilots implementation
  • Evaluation Results
  • Exploitation Plan updates
  • Standardisation activities
  • Summary Outlook

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