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Green Recovery in Spain and Italy: Accelerating Home Renovation after COVID-19

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As two of the worst-hit countries in Europe by the COVID-19 pandemic, helping communities recover and stimulating the economy is fundamental for a successful recovery in Italy and Spain. Looking to a forge a “green recovery” largely means enabling home renovation that is accessible to everyone. This webinar will discuss the current policy accelerating home renovation and the financing tools pushing it forward. Case studies will focus on the situation in Spain and the stimulus efforts in Italy, such as the eco-bonus scheme.


Who should attend?


Project developers, industry professionals, policymakers, investors, cities, regions


Why attend?


To learn more about the impact of Green Recovery on the residential building sector and home renovation in Italy and Spain.



22 September 2020 | 15:00-16:00 CEST


  • 15:00 (5 min) – Welcome and Introduction (Jessica Stromback, Joule Assets)
  • 15:10 (15 min) – Europe and the Green Recovery Plan (Arianna Vitali, BPIE)
  • 15:20 (10 min) – Case Study: Spain (Mart Jacobs, GNE Finance)
  • 15:30 (10 min) – Case Study: Italy (Sergio Olivero, Energy Center - Politecnico di Torino)
  • 15:40 (20 min) – Conclusions and Q&A (Jessica Stromback, Joule Assets)
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