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Heat Pumps skills for NZEB construction final workshop

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HP4ALL will showcase its HP4ALL package, a series of tools and resources to be used by the different related heat pumps stakeholders.



10:00-10:10 Welcome and introduction. Regional Government of Andalusia


Opening sessions

10:10-10:20 Heat Pumps at the core of the EU Energy Transition, sustainable growth and employment. Paula Rey García Deputy Head of Unit at European Commission Directorate General for Energy


10:20-10:30 HPs market & trends in the EU and its impact on high-quality employment. (Dan Stefanica, European Heat Pump Association)


10:30-10:40 HP4ALL, an enabler to market development and employment improvement. The HP4ALL project. (Padraic O'Reilly, Technological University of the Shannon)



HP labour market enhancement. A regional approach. Lessons learnt and best practices.

10:40-10:55 Training needs and solutions from the HP manufacturing and installing industry. The case of Andalusia (Manuel Ángel Cano Muñoz, AFAR)


10:55-11:10 Irish Pilot: Local Authorities and their role in heat pump installation quality (Stephen Murphy, Technological University of the Shannon).


11:10-11:25 Market report and lessons learnt in Upper Austria (Megan Energy agency of the Austrian region/state of Upper Austria)



11:25-11:40 Q&A sessions

11:40-11.50 Coffee break



The HP4ALL Package

11.50-12.10 HP4ALL skills and competency framework. (Dan Stefanica, European Heat Pump Association)


12.10-12.25 HP4ALL's benchmarking tool. (Ruchi Agrawal. Researcher at IERC)


12.25-12.40 HP4ALL Knowledge Hub (Stephen Murphy, Technological University of the Shannon)


12:40-12:55 Policy recommendations. (Carlos García, CTA Andalucía)


12:55-13:05 Q&A.


13:05-13:10 Wrap up and closure. (Padraic O'Reilly, Technological University of the Shannon)



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