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How to improve ductwork airtightness - Ongoing developments and success stories in Europe

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Several studies have shown that ductwork air leakage can significantly affect the energy performance and indoor air quality in buildings. Scandinavian countries identified this issue over 50 years ago. For example, the first requirements on ductwork airtightness were introduced in Sweden in 1950, and the use of components with certified pre-fitted seals is now in standard use. Other countries are now tackling the same problems, due to increased use of ducted ventilation systems, some with heat recovery, heating or cooling. Despite this, the interest for airtight ducts in most European countries has remained low until now.  

The objective of this WebEvent is to give you :
- an overview of energy impacts and calculation procedures;
- an overview duct leakage measurement methods;
- a feed-back on the Scandinavian experience and how it can be applied in your country;
- an opportunity to give your point of view and ask questions.

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