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RESTORE Training School

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This training school will focus on Restorative Sustainability, Biophilia, and Sustainability Education, and will take place during a  four day period. The trainees will gain a deep understanding of Restorative Sustainability and the key topics from RESTORE working groups. Training School trainees (students, educators, and practitioners) will participate in multiple introduction seminars, action learning, team and individual presentations, study tours, and much more.


The Training School will operate as an accredited train the trainer course; equipping delegates with techniques and knowledge to run restorative sustainability education modules within their own institute and networks, and in doing so, receive recognised certification.


Training School Sessions will include:

Introduction to Restorative and Regenerative Sustainability
Introduction to Biophilia and Biophilic Design Concepts
Biophilic Design Workshop
Introduction to Sustainable Education
Sustainable Education Design Workshop
Live delivery Sustainable Education module
Introduction to and Discussion Panel – RESTORE – The Faro Papers State of the Art and Visions (Social, Wellbeing and Behaviour, Restorative Heritage, Regenerative Buildings, Economics and Resources)
Restorative Sustainability Panel Debate (Public)


For more detailed information, please go to the EU restore website.

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