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Sustainable Places 2017

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The SP2017 Call for Proposals (CfP) is now open for public submissions until 1st April 2017.


The 5th Sustainable Places international conference (SP2017) will be hosted by the PERFORMER project at the brand new 'Curve Building' of Teesside University in Middlebrough UK from 28-30 June.


For innovators in the converged sectors of Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB) & smart grid technologies, with focus on the impact of Information & Communications Technologies (ICT) on Distributed Energy Resources (DER) penetration, you're hereby called to action for disseminating your new products or services and demonstrating your advanced solutions to research and industry decision-makers ready to create, foster, and strengthen viable market pathways. 



More information on the Call for Proposals is available on the SP2017 website here.

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