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Sustainable Places 2018

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Sustainable Places (SP) annual international conference series for 5 years (2013 – 2017) has brought together each year between 100 and 150 attendees ranging from industrial executives, scientists, researchers, and engineers – from academic and technical institutes and from leading organizations from around the world to advance one of the greatest challenge that our societies and their urban planners have ever faced: The need to enhance the sustainability of places ensuring long-term environmental security. SP fosters lasting market impacts, and has become a reference European event and proven platform where theory meets practice, unlocking new linkages between data formulation and the underpinning theories, cases, observations, and validated hypotheses arising from the analysis of that data. 

The Sustainable Places 2018 (#SP2018) event facilitates innovation pathways for advances to the state of the arts in all aspects of renewable energy sources integration within construction, operation, maintenance, and refurbishment of energy-efficient buildings (architecture, materials, control, etc.), smart homes (energy storage, IoT, demand response, etc.), ecodistricts, and existing power grid infrastructure. 

SP2018 is accepting contributions (CfP attached) that show clear advances in: innovative business models and technologies; data models, semantics, and interoperability; modeling and simulation, monitoring and control; key performance indicators, and/or evaluation frameworks. Specifically, the most popular presentations will acknowledge the interdisciplinary nature of communities and districts, and the necessary collaboration between various stakeholders and underlying technologies. All publications that result from SP events are published in the open access format. SP2018 will have 5 open access journal special issues with several publishers including Springer, and an open access Proceedings Journal issue from MDPI AG as detailed HERE. Delegate registration will be from 1st March until 1st June with several discounts available, for details please click HERE. There will also be networking events and pilot site visits in Grenoble, details to be announced on the website and in mailing list updates.

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