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Sustainable Places 2019 (SP2019)

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Sustainable Places 2019 (SP2019), the 7th edition of SP, will be held from 5th – 7th June 2019 in Cagliari, Italy – within the region of Sardinia – and is to be co-hosted locally by the Municipality of Cagliari, the Metropolitan City of Cagliari, and the University of Cagliari.


Conference Scope

Sustainability targets and climate change objectives cannot be met without addressing buildings and the built environment at the building, district and urban scale to include our transport and energy infrastructures. Renowned for showcasing results coming out of the EU Horizon 2020 Framework Programme via the participation of cutting-edge research and innovation projects, the scope of Sustainable Places is captured directly in the name. It involves designing, building and retrofitting the places we live and work in a more sustainable way.


Conference Concept

Sustainable Places prides itself on being an ideal platform for the dissemination of research, the conduct of workshops, EU project clustering and networking between stakeholders of all types. SP2019 will be held over three days allowing morning travel on the first day and afternoon travel on the third day. Between opening and closing keynote sessions, parallel technical sessions and project-organized workshops are held on conference topic areas. The venue is available all week (free of charge) for project meetings and side events.


Conference Topics

In this 7th edition of Sustainable Places will have thematic sessions on topics currently resonating in Sardegna this year:

  • Island Sustainability
  • Investing in EE Retrofit
  • Demand Response
  • Smart Cities
  • Sustainability Protocols

Beyond the thematic sessions listed above, SP2019 will continue to be open to all topics related to building sustainability and most often reflect priorities reflected in the European Commission Societal Challenges and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Smart grids and demand response
  • Renewable energy technologies
  • Energy storage 
  • District heating and cooling
  • Nature based solutions
  • Circularity
  • Digitalization and technologies to reduce the energy performance gap 

SP2019 Contribution Types

To accommodate scheduling and preparation of the agenda, all SP2019 contribution proposals must be received no later than 10th May 2019. Registration and preparation of papers will be up through the event.


SP2019 solicits the following contributions types:

PAPERS – 20’ presentation; 1 required registration; Optional 4-6 pages non-peer-reviewed paper in MDPI AG Proceedings. Special issue of a peer-reviewed journal if a critical mass of submissions is attained (6-8 papers). Please indicate potential interest in this possibility on the CfP.

WORKSHOPS – 3 required registrations; Optional 4-page non-peer-reviewed paper (workshop event report) in the MDPI AG Proceedings. Note that some organizers deliberately want small closed private workshops. Others work to have large public participation. Please ensure you contribute to bringing interest and attendees to your particular workshop.

PRESENTATIONS – 20’ presentation;  1 required registration;  Option to present without the submission of an underlying paper.

POSTERS – No presentation; 1 registration required; Displayed in the exhibition area with full visibility to all attendees (feel free to bring posters for any of your projects in SP thematic areas); Optional 4-pages non-peer-reviewed paper in MDPI AG Proceedings.

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