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Towards a Fossil-Free and Energy Sovereign Future- Lessons Learned from Urban District Heating Transitions

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MEP Erik Bergkvist (S&D) and Gothenburg European Office invite you to join on January 31, 2023 at 4pm in the European Parliament in Brussels for a panel discussion on the role that district heating (DH) can play to overcome the dire challenges facing Europe's energy systems and to drive Europe’s fossil-free energy and heating transition.


The climate goals, energy and cost-of-heating crises calls for resource-efficient and fossil-free heating solutions that improve our energy security and independence, lower our emissions and bring down the energy bills for our citizens. DH, as a reliable, resource- and cost-efficient heating system, can be a key to reach these objectives.


While many DH systems remain dependent on fossil sources, numerous innovative examples of fossil-free DH transitions already exist. Such transitions necessitate multi-level action that mobilizes the right resources and make efficient use of the infrastructures and expertise that already exist.


This event brings together stakeholders involved in DH transitions to exchange practices and ideas, and inform policymakers of how to realize resource-efficient and fossil-free DH transitions on the urban level.


Join this important discussion and be a part of the solution to drive Europe’s transition towards a fossil-free and energy-secure future.


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