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Webinar - Energy generation and storage technologies in buildings

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On Thursday 26th January from 11.00H - 12.30H CET, BUILD UP welcomes the SunHorizon, HAPPENING, MiniStor and ComBioTES projects in the first BUILD UP organised and hosted webinar of 2023. The event is organised under the January 2023 Topic of the Month “Renewable heating solutions for buildings”. 


The webinar will present two projects that explore technological solutions for heating/cooling coupled with renewables (SunHorizon and HAPPENING) and two projects that explore aspects of energy/thermal energy storage (MiniStor and ComBioTES).


The Q&A and discussion session will provide an opportunity for the audience to ask questions and for the projects/speakers to explore interesting commonalities between the projects (e.g., their technologies, themes, challenges, outcomes, and more), lessons learned, and future exploitation opportunities for the outcomes of the projects.



11:00 – 11:02: Brief introduction to BUILD UP


11:02 – 11:05: Introduction to webinar topic and agenda


11:05 – 11:20: Project #1: SunHorizon


  • Serena Scotton, Rina consulting
  • Andrea Gabaldon, Moreno CARTIF

Serena Scotton introduces the SunHorizon project, by providing some general information on its vision, lessons learnt and objectives of it. Then, Andrea Gabaldon showcases some preliminary results from D6.5 “Second Report on SunHorizon monitoring activities”, published in December 2022.


The D6.5 conducts a review of monitoring data production, collection and operation summary reports of the SunHorizon installed Technology Packages (TPs) in the cases of Madrid and Sant Cugat (Spain), and Riga – Sunisi and Riga – Imanta (Latvia).


Plus, it reports monitoring and operation summaries (KPIs). The document shows the operation summary of the demos over the past months (summer period) and detects ways to improve the data collection and control of the TPs. 


11:20 - 11:35: Project #2 HAPPENING


  • Jon Iturralde Iñarga, Tecnalia

During this presentation, the "HAPPENING" project will be presented, starting with its background and current barriers for the renovation of multi-family dwellings, followed by its objectives and consortium. The three demonstration cases will also be presented: Pasaia in Spain, Liezen in Austria and Verzuolo in Italy. The presentation will conclude with the conclusions of the project progress.


11:35 - 11:50: Project #3 MiniStor


  • Carlos Ochoa, IERC
  • Georgios Martinopoulos, CERTH

This talk will present the operating principles of the MiniStor thermal storage system, which is based on which is a thermal storage solution that uses solar-based renewable energy sources for use in residential settings. Its management is secured by a home energy management system (HEMS) connected to the IoT.


It is based on a high-performing CaCl2/NH3 (calcium chloride/ammonia) thermochemical material reaction combined with parallel hot and cold phase-change materials for flexibility and usage year-round, ensuring performance 10.6 times that of the thermal storage capacity of water.


The use of high capacity novel materials for thermal storage presents challenges in terms of application since existing standards are designed for industrial applications. This poses interesting questions in terms of the scalability and future implementation of these systems.


11:50 - 12:05: Project #4: ComBioTES


  • Arnaud Bruch, CEA
  • Eleonora Alamaro, AMIRES 

ComBioTES, or Compact bio-based thermal energy storage for buildings, is an EU-funded project that brings together research centres, industrial designers, technologies suppliers and Chinese institutions into the same consortium, to unite skills towards the construction of an enhanced thermal energy storage system, able to lower the costs of energy consumption for individual and private use.


Thanks to an innovative concept, based on two different storage devices, a phase changing material and a smart energy management system, the project aims to promote the use of renewable energies thanks to a better coupling between the production and the consumption of energy, in the forms of heating, cooling and hot tap water. 


The Project Coordinator, Arnaud Bruch (CEA), will present the state of art of the project, highlighting the first results and commenting on the challenges the project is facing.


12:05 – 12:25: Q&A / Discussion with project presenters


Option for audience to post questions. This is followed by a discussion with questions by the Editorial Board and the projects.


12:25 – 12:30: Conclusions



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