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WEBINAR| Real case applications of TABEDE Project BMS-Extender system for Demand Response

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In the first webinar of TABEDE, we introduced you to demand response and how to implement a DR system, with or without a Building Management System, thanks to the TABEDE BMS-Extender solution.


This time, we will open the doors of our Pilots: a smart house (in Cardiff, UK), a residential building (in Bergamo – Italy) and an office building (in Grenoble – France) to see how the BMS-Extender is being deployed and commenting on the first experiences.


  • 14h30: Intro (Eva Coscia, R2M Solution)
  • 14h:35 “BMS-Extender: the TABEDE Toolbox for DR” (Andre de Fontaine, Engie)
  • 14h50: “Testing and validation in residential building: preliminary perspectives from the CARDIFF Pilot” (Monjur Mourshed, CU)
  • 15h10: “Testing and validation in smart house: preliminary perspectives from the BERGAMO Pilot” (Francesco Martinelli, SCHN IT)
  • 15h30: “Testing and validation in Insdutrial building: quick introduction to the GRENOBLE Pilot” (Andre de Fontaine , Engie)
  • 15h40: Questions and answers (all)
  • 16h00: Thanks and closure

Chaired and technical support by: Zia Lennard, R2M Solution (

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