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WEBINAR: Winning over the finance department – making the financial case for green initiatives

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WEBINAR to explore how to secure support for green projects from the finance department.


Session Start Time: 11/29/2011 02:45 PM Greenwich Mean Time

For many green executives the biggest barrier to the adoption of sustainability initiatives remains the reluctance of financial directors to approve green investments where they remain uncertain about the level of returns on offer. And yet growing numbers of executives are now overcoming this barrier and working in partnership with their finance departments to push forward green initiatives that both reduce costs and drive commercial success.
This exclusive free webinar, hosted by BusinessGreen in association with carbon software firm CloudApps, will explore the lessons learned by those green executives who have managed to secure financial backing for their projects, and provide a practical guide to talking the finance director’s language and delivering the positive results the finance department demands.
The interactive online seminar will feature three presentations from leading industry experts on how green executives can secure the support of the finance department, and will also include a question and answer session where you can put your queries to our expert panel.

 To register click here and simply fill in a short online form.