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The course will include descriptions and photographs to identify common design styles and typical construction methods and materials along with helpful clues on where to look at dwellings to gather this information. The course concludes with a multiple choice assessment and has an award of 3 hours CPD. For further details on the 'How to estimate the age of a dwelling' training course please click here. Alternatively contact BRE Training;  01923 664829.
Post date: 30 Dec 2010
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The first tranche of publications in the archive includes nearly a thousand documents comprising:Current Papers - 720 research project summaries published from 1968-1983 Digests - 130 reviews of then current building technologies published from 1948-1966 Overseas Building Notes - 125 guidance notes on low-technology building methods suited to conditions in many developing countries, published from 1961-1994.A further set of more than a thousand documents, including detailed research reports, will be added to the site over the next six months.
Post date: 22 Dec 2010
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In relation to the challenges facing European society, it is widely recognised that buildings account for approximately 36% of all greenhouse gas emissions and over 40% of primary energy consumption in the EU.  It is clear to the actors in the sector, and to policy-makers at European level, that work on improving the energy efficiency of the existing building stock in Europe is key to accelerating economic recovery as well as an essential element of any strategy to significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the EU, whilst ensuring security of supply and reducing dependency...
Post date: 3 Dec 2010
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