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The journal is available for free by clicking the link provided here. The reader can also find the archived copies of the journal. Issues are available as PDF files or HTML. The journal covers a broad range of topics;  news from the European Commission, EU regulations, as well as technical articles and case studies. Every issue of journal is dedicated to one key topic. The journal is available in English.
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To read complete article, please click here to go to NASA´s website.
Post date: 15 Mar 2012
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Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a natural refrigerant that was already being employed at the start of the last century. However, the use of carbon dioxide as a refrigerant has been confined to specialist applications since the development of chlorofluorocarbons in the 1930s. The intensification of efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has led to increased attention being focussed on CO2 as a refrigerant again. The effectively unlimited natural availability of CO2 and its minimal greenhouse gas impact make it the ideal environmentally friendly refrigerant.
Post date: 30 Nov 2011
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UPDATE 13 03 2013:  This publication has been transferred to a new url link as the SecRHC-Platform EU Project developed a new website.You can see the relevant BUILD UP publication item here with the new url link.
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