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In January 2019 the European Commission published the third report on energy prices and costs in Europe. Published every two years, this most recent report finds that wholesale energy prices have fallen in recent years due to increasing competition on wholesale markets from greater amounts of renewable energy, improved interconnections and a more integrated internal electricity market.  
Post date: 11 Jan 2019
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IoT and Industry 4.0: A webinar from the GrowSmarter Lighthouse project.  Join us to discover the lessons learnt from Barcelona, Cologne and Stockholm who have been implementing smart energy solutions in the GrowSmarter smart city project. Link to register: Topics:
Post date: 4 Sep 2018
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What can energy managers expect from 2017?   As a busy energy manager, chances are you don't have time to scan Twitter all day to stay on top of the latest energy efficiency news and trends. With such an overload of information, it's more important than ever to know not only what's going on but what is worth your time and attention in such a dynamic, growing and rapidly evolving industry. And what better moment than the beginning of a brand new year to get a head start?  
Post date: 13 Jan 2017
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