EPC - Energy Performance Contracting

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Smart EPC aims to integrate energy efficiency services with other energy services and non-energy benefits, whilst focusing on energy performance contracting and the creation of new revenue streams for local authorities.   The project will work to enable the transition of local public authorities towards smart sustainable cities by:  
Post date: 8 Mar 2023
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Through EBENTO, citizens will increase their implication in building energy efficiency enhancement, and both public institutions and energy communities will be able to identify potential energy efficiency improvements in residential housing stock, with SMEs and ESCOs support. Furthermore, with EBENTO platform, new business models for optimizing the financial (and, indirectly, other) resources available will be validated:  
Post date: 27 Sep 2022
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Newsletter #11 of the Interreg MED Efficient Buildings project is out now!   Contents included are:  
Post date: 23 Aug 2022
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In the last three years, the AmBIENCe project worked on extending the concept of Energy Performance Contracting to Active Buildings and making it available and attractive to a wider range of buildings. In its final conference, AmBIENCe will present the new concepts and business models for performance guarantees of Active Buildings and discuss implementation and future trends in the EU.   
Post date: 25 Apr 2022
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This report developed by the H2020 project AmBIENCe describes the development of a European database on building stock, which collects information and data on the parameters needed for both the Energy System Impact Assessment and the creation of performance models.  
Post date: 22 Feb 2022
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This event will highlight the potential of energy service companies (ESCOs), notably by using Energy Performance Contracts (EnPCs), to support Europe in reaching the objectives of the Green Deal, Renovation Wave and, more specifically, the Fit for 55 package.
Post date: 8 Oct 2021
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Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is a well-tested and successful tool that has been helping building owners reach their energy and climate targets more quickly than with traditional implementation of energy saving measures.    Still there is potential for more use of EPC to reach unrealised saving potential in public sector.  
Post date: 22 Feb 2021
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The H2020 project AmBIENCe has introduced the novel concept of Active Energy Performance Contracting (AEPC), which looks to harness a building’s energy performance potential by incorporating flexibility and demand response in addition to energy efficiency measures, under one energy performance contract.  
Post date: 3 Feb 2021
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A project pipeline of over 30 buildings has been developed by the project of which five have been fully renovated. Like many other Eastern European countries, Latvia has a significant stock of multi-family buildings that were built between 1954 and the late 1980s, never fully renovated and bear huge energy saving potentials.   
Post date: 22 Dec 2020
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Delivering services to buildings based on an Active building Energy Performance Contracting (AEPC) model provides a new opportunity to Energy Service Companies (ESCOs and grid operators) aiming to generate new business or improve existing ones, while lowering GHG emissions.   ESCOs can play an important role as aggregators of implicit Demand Response in buildings, as electrification (in combination with active control) based on demand response to variable pricing seems to be the key to a successful business case.
Post date: 21 Dec 2020
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