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Catalan architecture, landscape, and planning firm Batlleiroig has realized the first blackened timber facade in Spain. Its design for the Entegra building marks the first use of the material on an exterior in the country. Located within Barcelona’s 22@ district, a product of urban renewal within the city’s Sant Martí neighborhood, and adjacent to the beachfront El Poblenou area, Entegra hosts 4,138 square meters (44,500 square feet) of office space.  
Post date: 25 Nov 2022
Type: News

5 pilot buildings were studied and assessed to obtain new EPCs according to the latest requirements of the local acts and regulations. These buildings include multi-residential buildings, schools, kindergartens, and dormitories.
Post date: 12 Aug 2022
Type: Case

This building was awarded the Energy & Temperate Climates Prize at the national level of the Green Solutions Awards 2020-21; and received a mention for the same category at the international level.   Arroyo Fresno Passivhaus is the first nZEB collective residential building in Spain to obtain Passivhaus Plus certification. It is a project by Daniel Diedrich and Talia Dombriz of DMDV Arquitectos.  
Post date: 9 Aug 2022
Type: Case

In the face of increasingly alarming predictions regarding the climate crisis, just increasing the efficiency of buildings is no longer enough. Zero energy buildings - or, better yet, energy positive buildings - make it possible to mitigate the negative impacts of the construction industry, which is responsible for 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions. These are buildings capable of producing more energy than they consume through the use of renewable sources.
Post date: 5 Jul 2022
Type: News

The “Elie Radu” Energy Technology High School in Ploiești is Romania’s largest public school renovated under the EU’s nearly zero-energy building standards (NZEB). With the use of innovative energy efficient measures, the school’s energy consumption was reduced by 60 percent, and a large part of the consumed energy is produced onsite from solar photovoltaic and thermal panels.  
Post date: 21 Jun 2022
Type: News

The aim of this course is to present and to promote the use of equipment, technology and mechanical systems appropriate to the cooling-demand-dominated requirements of the Mediterranean climate.  The course covers the design of Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning systems, energy recovery and free cooling aspects, renewable energy adaptation and innovative system design approaches.  
Post date: 25 Apr 2022
Type: Event

This report provides a close examination of six EU focus geographies. It shines a spotlight on wide-ranging discrepancies between EU countries in their approaches towards building sector decarbonisation, both in terms of consistency regarding the definition of ‘NZEB’ as laid out in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), and in terms of overall ambition levels.  
Post date: 8 Feb 2022
Type: Publication

The make-or-break decade: Making the EPBD fit for 2030  
Post date: 2 Sep 2021
Type: News

procuRE tackles the common challenge of achieving 100% Renewable Energy Supply (RES) in existing stock. The Buyers Group compromises six cities operating a stock of 21,000 buildings. Procurers invest €7.68 million in R&D services to develop innovative solutions. The pre-commercial procurement has three phases.  
Post date: 1 Apr 2021
Type: Event

29 decembrie 2020. Finalul de an aduce o schimbare majoră în sectorul clădirilor noi private, fie că vorbim de locuințe individuale, blocuri multifamiliale, clădiri de birouri sau alte tipuri de spații.  
Post date: 29 Jan 2021
Type: News