RES - Renewable Energy Sources

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In addition, the CEA assists local authorities in sustainable energy planning by supporting the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy and providing technical support to design actions that contribute to climate change mitigation.  
Post date: 20 Jan 2023
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After 30 months of intense work, the Horizon 2020 project COME RES will end on 28 February 2023. 16 partners from nine countries analysed barriers, drivers, potentials, good practice examples, business models and transfer possibilities as well as policy development with the ultimate goal to facilitate the development of renewable energy communities in the electricity sector and beyond. The consortium has produced a considerable number of deliverables and is looking forward to share key results of the project at this event, its final conference.  
Post date: 22 Dec 2022
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As windmills and solar panels proliferate across Europe, the debate over where these green technologies should and should not be deployed becomes more heated.  
Post date: 4 Dec 2022
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The conference is organised by The Foundation for Innovation and Research – Malta ( and is also supported by The University of Malta, The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST), and the H2020 NEEMO Project. The main conference sponsors are The Ministry for Finance and Employment (Malta), Malta MEDELEC Switchgear Ltd., Visit Malta Incentives & Meetings and The Energy and Water Agency (Malta).  
Post date: 3 Oct 2022
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Ambition requires action: The Heat Pump Accelerator for RepowerEU Heat Pump Forum 2022 puts heat pumps at the centre of the green, digital, cost-effective energy transition and industrial transformation. The European Commission’s REPowerEU plan builds on the ambitious heat pump targets it set out in March.  
Post date: 7 Sep 2022
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IET Renewable Power Generation (RPG) brings together the topics of renewable energy technology, power generation and systems integration, with techno-economic issues. All renewable energy generation technologies are within the scope of the conference.   It will bring together international academics, researchers, engineers and consultants working in renewable energy, to review the latest technical developments, share knowledge and forge new partnerships.  
Post date: 21 Jun 2022
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The need to reduce gas imports and extreme volatility in energy prices lead the European Commission to push for the improvement of energy efficiency and deployment of solar rooftop. This offers the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of European buildings with on-site renewable generation.  
Post date: 15 Jun 2022
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As stated in the EU Green Deal Communication, the just transition to climate neutrality and a sustainable future is the overarching objective of all EU policies and actions. Photovoltaics is a key technology in the energy transition. Prospective scenarios demonstrate a converging view on the necessary deep electrification of most economic sectors, only with solar energy can we deliver electricity in very large quantities, at affordable cost, in an environmentally & societally sustainable way.    
Post date: 1 Apr 2022
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What is a cross-border project in the field of renewable energy?  
Post date: 31 Mar 2022
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Accelerating renewable energy deployment plays a central role in the success of the European Green Deal; it will also contribute to decreasing EU dependence on imported fossil fuels and to lowering energy prices. Solar energy’s contribution to this transition will need to grow significantly in order to power an integrated energy system, electrify end-use sectors and support the rollout of renewable hydrogen in hard-to-decarbonise sectors.  
Post date: 10 Mar 2022
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