Heat Pumps in buildings

Webinar: New solutions for sustainable district heating in European cities

The recently revised EU Renewable Energy Directive recognises heating and cooling as a key sector in accelerating the decarbonisation of the energy system. In order to facilitate the penetration of renewable energy in the heating and cooling sector...

CHILLVENTA international exhibition; refrigeration, AC&ventilation, heat pumps

Exhibition home of refrigeration, ac & ventilation and heat pumps Energy efficiency and sustainability remain the driving forces behind the development of new products and systems for refrigeration, ac & ventilation and...

Solar District Heating Conference


4th European Conference on Renewable Heating and Cooling


VVS-MÄSSAN Öresund 2013


HVAC 2012 trade show


7. Ölwärme-Kolloquium


European cities and regions fit for the future: Integrating heat pumps in local infrastructure


36th Euroheat & Power Congress - Smart and competitive: DHC for cities of the future

Array Competitive, fair and decarbonised: These are key attributes for societies across the globe by 2050. As the most important end-use sectors, heating and cooling are vital to achieving the 2050 objectives. The Congress will take a...

The Next DHC Generation

Array Purpose: The DHC+ Technology Platform is holding a dissemination conference in order to present the results of the Ecoheat4cities project, as well as other projects supported by the Platform. The event will provide an opportunity for...