How to use the BUILD UP web portal

How to use the BUILD UP web portal?

BUILD UP serves the needs of building professionals, public authorities and occupants
alike. The key aim is to reduce the energy consumption of buildings across Europe
by transferring best practices to the market and fostering their uptake. BUILD UP will
also keep you updated about EU energy policy for buildings.

If you are a building professional keen to improve your skills about energy efficiency in buildings and learn more about the latest information on energy legislation:

BUILD UP enables you to interact with others and to access:

  • The latest news and events in the field
  • A database of publications, links, tools
  • A database of case histories and a place to share your successes.
  • Communities and Blogs to share expertise with your peers
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about energy efficiency in Buildings and the Energy Efficiency for Buildings Directive.

If you are responsible for energy issues for Public Authorities

BUILD UP offers you access to:

  • Many resources on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
  • Toolkits and guidelines produced by other cities, regions or countries
  • A way to share expertise with your peers.

Currently, the portal includes 8 sections:

  • News: Browse the latest news from across Europe regarding energy efficiency issues and legislation, both on a national and international lever.
  • Events: View a comprehensive list of Energy Efficiency related events. If you are the organizer of an event or know of an event that is not included in this frequently updated list you can submit it to the portal.
  • Publications: A frequently updated database of Energy Efficiency related publications which includes: reports, regulations, information papers, studies and training material. You can submit a publication if you think it is of interest for the portal users.
  • Links: A directory of both national and international links to networks and resources.
  • Cases: Share your concrete, realised good practices in energy saving for buildings. These could be, for example, demonstration projects, reports, energy saving campaigns, activities such as awarding new certificates.
  • Tools: find and share interesting tools from all over Europe supporting the implementation of energy saving measures in buildings.
  • Blogs: Your point of view is what makes BUILD UP relevant to other building professionals and public administrators all over Europe; All registered users can post their personal articles, opinions, questions and answers related to the community themes.
  • Communities: A thematic virtual community which gathers members with common interests, offering content sharing and blogging tools as well as networking opportunities. Join a Community to view and discuss the most relevant issues you are interested in with other members.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: A list of key questions, categorized by topic, answered by BUILD UP experts.

BUILD UP also provides its users with a newsletter, sent out by e-mail, which brings you, once a month, all the highlighted content from the BUILD UP portal including: news about current issues, new publications added to the portal database, forthcoming events and key links.

To fully enjoy the broad list of services provided by BUILD UP please register to the portal. Registration is easy, free of charge and subject to a privacy policy. To register, click here.