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BPIE Briefing – The “Clean Energy for All Europeans” package

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On November 30 2016, the European Commission released important pieces of European energy legislation in the “Clean Energy for All Europeans” package. The package covers energy efficiency, renewable energy, the electricity market, consumers and governance rules for the Energy Union.


This paper analyses the elements in the European Commission’s package related to achieving this vision and highlights missing elements which need to be addressed through the legislative negotiations with the European Council and Parliament. It builds on the BPIE briefing “9 Ways To Make The Energy Performance Of Buildings Directive More Effective”. This package is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to propel the EU towards a future-proofed, efficient and sustainable buildingstock.


The package should enable citizens, owners and tenants to take the right decisions for the buildings they live and work in, create more transparency about energy performance of buildings and related indicators such as comfort and well-being, and provide access to fair and effective financing.


Europe’s vision should be to have a decarbonised building stock comprised of healthy, comfortable, affordable, sustainable buildings with a very low intrinsic energy need, supplied by renewable energy sources, and intelligently integrated into a decarbonised, flexible energy system.


Overall, while there are some interesting new elements in the package, such as the introduction of a smartness indicator provisions to protect vulnerable consumers and measures to leverage financing, the proposals fail to trigger more and deeper renovation activities. Triggering renovation activities requires striking a balance between creating tools which stimulate the buildings’ efficiency market and defining mandatory requirements for better energy performance of public and commercial buildings. This means developing tools such as individualised renovation roadmaps for buildings to better inform and encourage building owners on how to invest in their buildings, and expanding existing legislation to require not only renovation of central government buildings but all public buildings.


For a summary of the proposals and what BPIE considers to be missing to achieve key aims see the full briefing: http://bpie.eu/news/briefing-the-clean-energy-for-all-europeans-package/ 


See also the relevant BUILD UP Publication.

BPIE Briefing – The “Clean Energy for All Europeans” package