SIPs - Advantages and Benefits

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Energy Efficiency

  • Due to their components and the homogeneous material layers, SIPs have a high R-Value that gives you an excellent thermal performance, therefore lower monthly energy bills. As an example, for a typical SIP panel 12 cm thickness, R-Value = 4,55 m2 K / W.

Environmental Sustainability

·         SIP technology sustains the earth’s natural resources, due to its GREEN, RECYCLABLE components:

o   65% of the materials can be used again after lifespan period, compared to 25% on concrete, 35% on steel structure and 65% on conventional timber frame

o   No “heavy” industry production for iron, cement, aggregates, bricks etc. needed

·         SIP comes from one source only, as an integrated building system, therefore there is less impact on the environment:

o   Less air and water pollution, gas emission, CO2 emission compared to other systems (concrete, bricks, steel) on the construction stage as well as on the running period of the building (due to the excellent energy efficiency  and air tightness)

o   Less transportation and less waste materials being put into our landfills

·         SIP panels are very airtight giving you precise control over the indoor air quality of your home, which helps to keep out allergens, humidity or dust

·         SIP System is the most compatible with the photovoltaic systems, solar s: close to zero energy buildings

Safety and Strength

·         University studies have proven that such buildings are significantly superior to the conventional constructions, therefore you will feel more secure in a SIP home

·         As the MGO Board (applied on the two faces of the panels) is fire resistant, a SIP building protects your house and yourself against fire

·         SIP is fully designed and fabricated in a controlled factory environment, ensuring accurate dimensioning and tolerances, therefore the end product that arrives on site is accurate and defect free; this assures the quality of your building

·         SIP constructions are certified for 60 years lifespan, while the concrete buildings have a scientific lifespan of 50 years

Design Flexibility

·         SIP can be erected on any flooring system,  giving you unlimited design possibilities, while saving the usable area

·         Any changes can be made to existing properties: extra rooms or floors, attic, within a short time to reach the final desired result

Cost efficiency

·         SIP basic construction cost is 30% less than conventional concrete buildings

·         Exact construction planned costs and precise quantity of materials needed, as on site cutting and fabrication are eliminated. This means you will not have unexpected costs or surprises from your contractor

·         Low cost modifications and fast rate of construction, which will minimise the time, cost and labour force on your project

·         Major running and maintenance cost savings over the lifetime of the building, therefore extremely low costs on energy, repairs or design changes

Time Savings - Build more in less time

  • The SIP wall is load-bearing and pre insulated, meaning the weatherproof, structural shell is completed much quicker than traditional methods of construction
  • Erection times are known in advance, therefore SIP technology offers an accurate delivery date of your turn-key building
SIPs - Advantages and Benefits