Sun Tools

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Sun tools

Design Tools

Sustainable By Design provides a suite of shareware design tools on sustainable energy topics:

the premiere tool for solar angle calculations
calculates a time series of basic solar angle data
   Sol Path
visualization of the path of the sun across the sky
   Window Overhang Design
visualization of the shade provided by a window overhang at a given time
   Window Overhang Annual Analysis
visualization of window overhang shading performance for an entire year
   Overhang Recommendations
suggested climate-specific dimensions for south-facing window overhangs
   Light Penetration
visualization of the penetration of sunlight into a room
   Louver Shading
visualization of louvered shading system performance for an entire year
   Vertical Fin Shading
visualization of a vertical fin shading system performance for an entire year
   Window Heat Gain
calculation of monthly heat gain through windows
   Panel Shading
visualization of the shading of rows of flat panel collectors throughout the year
   USA Climate Data
monthly climate data for about 250 U.S. cities