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10 Energy Innovation Stats You Should Know in 2017

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The official 2017 energy innovation survey results are available:  Energy Innovation: State of the Art & 2017 Trends
These included response from nearly 300 energy professionals.
In addition, benchmark data on how energy managers do their job today. This year´s edition also includes new data on how technology in the energy sector is evolving and how energy services companies are innovating with it… or not!
This PDF report is free-to-download containing key insights, challenges, and predictions from energy managers working to innovate energy efficiency in more than 140 countries around the world.

A sneak preview of the kind of energy innovation data to be found in the report:
 10 Energy Innovation Statistics Every Every Manager Should Know


  1.     44% of energy professionals feel that their organisation does a pretty good job of keeping pace with the overall rate of innovation in the energy industry.
  2.     Almost 90% of energy professionals surveyed were male. According to The Guardian, the proportion of women on boards of energy companies was just 9% in 2014.
  3.     Only 16% of energy pros surveyed are using Twitter as a source for energy news, while 44% are using LinkedIn to stay updated.
  4.     Most energy professionals (67%) are confident that the energy efficiency and clean tech markets are still in the growth stage. Only 3% feel the market is already mature and facing disruption.
  5.     65% of energy professionals say that their biggest professional challenge in 2017 will be to find new projects and clients.
  6.     Just under half of all energy professionals surveyed say that they struggle equally with gaining recognition for their work (43%) while trying to stay updated with energy news and trends (43%).
  7.     Nearly half of energy services companies say their organisation's biggest challenge lies with cutting costs while demonstrating verified energy savings (46%).
  8.     42% of energy professionals feel that the killer combination of unverified energy savings plus a lack of dedicated funds to put toward energy management is the chief reason to lose a project.
  9.     30% of energy experts say that the need to monitor key performance indicators (energy KPIs) is the biggest driver for their clients to choose an energy management.
  10.    The desire to recover savings from energy efficiency investments is another major driver for ESCO clients to use energy management software, according to 27% of energy professionals.

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