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25 years of the EU Ecolabel

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It has been 25 years since the EU Ecolabel scheme was launched and adopted in EU law as a voluntary ecolabel award scheme. There are now 40 000 EU Ecolabel products and services currently covered by the scheme. It certifies that a product is among the most environmentally-friendly in its class and differentiates it on the global market. In addition, the ecolabel showcases the company’s commitments to sustainable production and contributes to achieving a circular economy. In buildings, the EU ecolabel has been granted to (status March 2017): paints and varnishes (85 companies), wooden floor coverings (1 company), hard coverings (i.e. natural stones, agglomerated stones, concrete paving units, terrazzo tiles, ceramic tiles and clay tiles for internal/external use - 16 companies) and sanitary tapware (1 company). The EU Ecolabel also exists for heat pumps, water-based heaters and flushing toilets and urinals (not in use).