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9 ways to make the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) more effective

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The European Commission announced a revised European Performance of Buildings Directive to be part of the Energy Efficiency Package, expected in autumn 2016. This provides an opportunity to evolve and strengthen requirements, resulting in higher energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

This paper summarises recommendations that would make the EPBD more effective in improving the energy performance of European buildings, while enabling Member States to develop and implement ambitious policies. Among the measures which BPIE considers worth mentioning are the following:


  • Including an unambiguous long-term vision for buildings: the EU building stock should meet high efficiency and zero carbon standards by 2050.
  • Stimulating higher and deeper energy renovation rates of the current building stock, with the necessary attention to technical and economic feasibility, health and comfort issues.
  • Introducing further compliance and quality assurance measures
  • Ensuring that future buildings are smart and interconnected with the energy system.
  • Addressing the problem of fuel poverty across the EU with a carefully designed and more effective policy landscape. 


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