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Baltic GPP: New Web Training Launched for Greener Public Procurement

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Procurement professionals now have free access to new web training on green procurement. The purpose of the web training is to give a basic understanding of how and at what stages sustainability may form a part of public procurement.

A general section of the web training gives a brief introduction to the topic, while four thematic sections go deeper into how to procure buildings, catering, transport and IT in a sustainable way. “Expert bodies in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and a few other countries came together in 2011 to find a solution to the lack of training material and training efforts in green public procurement, and their knowledge sharing resulted in this training material”, says Daniel Sköld, project leader of the Baltic GPP project at SEMCo.

Study the basics green public procurement in your own time
The web training is so far available in six languages so far – English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and German – and accessible on The web training takes 15-60 minutes to complete, depending on how deep into the material the visitor goes. Basic facts on sustainable procurement are mainly directed at procurement professionals with little or no previous experience from environmental, social and other sustainability issues.

”We’d like to see that this web training is a tool to inspire professional procurers to have [keep] the environment in mind in their daily work. At best it’s a practical guide to come back to regularly”, says Elina Ojala.

The web training forms a part of a training package which also includes training material for classroom use and a manual with tips and exercises on how to train professionals in public procurement. These additional training tools will be launched at a later stage this spring.

Further information: Access Baltic GPP’s web education at