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Build Up Webinars – Join us!

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Every month, Build Up works to offer informative webinars on cutting-edge topics to bring international experts closer to the public. In line with the Topic of the month, we look for current, relevant and innovative topics for users always related to efficient energy in buildings.


Next BUILD UP webinars are:


APRIL: “Energy Efficiency and integration of Renewable Energy Sources in Buildings”


16 April 2020 - How to use the outputs of the EPB assessments in regulation: overview of EN ISO 52003 & EN ISO 52018


Join us and benefit of the interactive tandem of enlightning talks on key issues underpinning the relationship between the EPB standards and building regulations and furthermore have your most burning questions on this topic addressed.


The webinar will give an overview of the standard. Special attention will go to the optimization of the requirements, by tailoring them to selected features of each individual construction project. This will be illustrated with practical examples. The webinar will also give a brief snapshot of the EN ISO 52018-1 standard and its accompanying technical report (part 2).


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21st April 2020 – Webinar on RenOnBill and EuroPACE


More information will be available soon!


MAY: “SKILLS and training for NZE building sector”


  • 5th May 2020 - Webinar on CEN-CE project
  • 19th May 2020 - Webinar on Deep renovation
  • 26th May 2020 - Webinar on EPBD directions (EPB hourly vs monthly method) 

More information will be available soon!


JUNE: “New buildings as front runners for nZEB and plusEnergy building (partner of energy system)”


  • 16th June 2020 - Webinar on EPBD directions (Heating systems in the EPB standards) 

More information will be available soon!


Past webinars:





  • Webinar on EPBD directions (EPB standards overview) – 2nd
    • This webinar provided an overview of WHY the EPB standards came into being to support the implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, HOW the EPB standards are meant to facilitate the EU-wide transition to a sustainable built environment and WHAT online information resources are available to all building sector stakeholders.
  • Webinar on ALDREN project: Holistic and reliable European Voluntary Certification Scheme to trigger deep renovation of non-residential buildings
    • ALDREN’s main objectives are to achieve higher renovation rates and better renovation quality of buildings by overcoming market barriers. The backbone along the whole deep renovation process in the ALDREN project is an improved European Common Voluntary Certification Scheme (EVCS)



  • Guidance and examples for the EPB standards’ flexibility
    • This webinar provides guidance and examples for the EPB standards’ flexibility applying the principle of subsidiarity. Flexibility means that national choices are possible in the methodology, input data and references to other standards.