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Canada's First Ministers release declaration on clean growth and climate change

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On 3 March 2016, Canada's First Ministers issued a joint communiqué following the First Ministers' Meeting and released a declaration on clean growth and climate change.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the provincial premiers emerged from their meeting in Vancouver to say they are working toward a national climate change plan that includes an agreement in principle for a carbon-pricing mechanism.


In the Vancouver Declaration on clean growth and climate change, the First Ministers state, inter alia, the following:


"We will build on the leadership shown and actions taken by the provinces and territories, as exemplified by the 2015 Quebec Declaration and Canadian Energy Strategy, by working together and including federal action. We will build on the momentum of the Paris Agreement by developing a concrete plan to achieve Canada's international commitments through a pan-Canadian framework for clean growth and climate change. Together, we will leverage technology and innovation to seize the opportunity for Canada to contribute global solutions and become a leader in the global clean growth economy."


To that end, First Ministers agree to:


  1. Increase the level of ambition    
  2. Promote clean economic growth to create jobs
  3. Deliver mitigation actions
  4. Increase action on adaptation and climate resilience
  5. Enhance cooperation



First Ministers agreed to meet in fall 2016 to finalise the pan-Canadian framework on clean growth and climate change, and review progress on the Canadian Energy Strategy.



For further information, please visit the relevant Prime Minister of Canada website.