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Component Award 2016 winners are announced

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On 17 March 2016, the Passive House Institute (PHI) announced the winners of the Component Award 2016 for ventilation solutions in residential buildings. The approaches for building retrofits selected by an independent jury are not only characterised by a high level of energy efficiency, but also by their economic viability. The presentation of the Award will take place at the 20th International Passive House Conference, which will take place on 22 and 23 April 2016 in Darmstadt, Germany.


The prizes are awarded as follows:


  • The first prize goes to a concept by the Austrian manufacturer Pichler.
  • A joint second prize will be granted to the Dutch company Vaventis and the Italian firm Michael Tribus Architecture.


The solution provided by J. Pichler GmbH was impressive, especially on account of its planning aspects; the device at the centre of the building allows excellent access for maintenance work. In addition, installation is facilitated by prefabricated component solutions such as a combined unit consisting of a silencer, volume flow controller and distribution box.


With a very narrow device and easy installation, Vaventis BV achieved a good rating, particularly in the category "Suitability for step-by-step retrofitting".


In the solution by Tribus Architecture, the duct network was implemented in a very compact manner – positioning of the device near the exterior wall reduces external air and exhaust air ducts to a minimum.



For further information, please read the relevant PHI press release.