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Efficiency House Plus in Berlin: Monitoring data now available online!

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A detailed monitoring programme is measuring the energy flows in the pilot project and is the basis for a thorough evaluation of the energy concept. The monitoring allows for both the complete monthly energy balance and the performance assessment of the installed building service system technologies. Additionally, the indoor air temperature and the CO2 concentrations in representative rooms are continuously monitored. The electricity generated by the photovoltaic field (divided into usable and excess energy) and the electricity use of all appliances in the house are recorded as well.

In order to assess the efficiency of the heat pump, the electricity for the operation of the heat pump and the heat provided to the delivery system is measured. On the consumer side, the energy is measured that is used for space heating and for the generation of hot water. The heat losses of the hot water storage and the possibly needed electrical back-up heating system are analysed.

In parallel to the heat supply the electrical supply is being monitored. All operational data of the main consumers and the battery are separately analysed. Furthermore, the energy amount for charging the electric car is recorded.

The electricity "harvested" by the photovoltaic system shall be higher than the total electricity consumption of the house and the e-mobility in an annual balance.

Link to the monitoring data (in German).