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EU project WEDISTRICT searching for district heating experts’ consultation

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central district heating system of the University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania ,Credits: WEDISTRICT project

Are you an expert in district heating and cooling systems, particularly the 4th and 5th generation systems? Share your knowledge and participate in #WEDISTRICT's survey on energy transition systems. Link to anonymous EU surveyThe deadline for the survey is February 15th 2023 and coordinated by Carola Bosio from R2M solutions.


Help contribute to the sustainable energy transition by participating or sharing this!


The Horizon2020 funded project WEDISTRICT is working on developing fossil-free, renewable energy-based heating and cooling systems. 22 partners from 9 countries have joined forces in 2019 to demonstrate 10 new technologies at 3 real demo sites and 11 virtual demos sites across Europe with its very different climatic conditions.