Europe moving fast towards managing energy efficiency in buildings using BIM

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The BIM process

There is a growing attention throughout the EU countries and it is natural that this will continue growing in light of the EPBD revision in progress. In fact, BIM can be a powerful support tool for the regulatory assessment of energy performance in buildings, serving as an information logbook to store data related to the whole life cycle. A smart use of the BIM approach starting from the preliminary design phase and carrying continuous developments during the construction phase, can consistently ease the building operation and maintenance phase. Thus, it is important to rely on trusted models representing faithfully the as-built status of the building under examination.

New standards under development to facilitate BIM usage in the EU

The European Committee for Standardization is working towards the harmonization of regulation of standards related to Building Information Modeling within the CEN/TC 442 and several standards have already seen the light in the last two years. As a response to this, member states are implementing local regulation schemes to be actuated in the next years.

Link to CEN/TC 442 – Building information modeling,FSP_LANG_ID:...

BIM to guarantee project quality in public driven projects through the EU

The European Public Procurement Directive has encouraged the use of BIM in public projects as a means to guarantee the quality of information related to the construction process, and states that this information should be exchanged using a non-discriminatory, interoperable file format: the IFC format. Further developments in this sense, imply that the public administration will need to handle digital file formats and provide training to employees. More in detail, procurements managed under the frame of the new directive will include BIM related documents, such as digital information procurement, bim execution plan, details on information management plan and offer. The above will be a significant part of the technical package under evaluation when selecting the alternatives among different providers.

Participate live in the discussion about synergies between energy performance assurance and BIM

The topic of BIM and energy performance in buildings will be discussed in the first European conference dedicated to the specific field within the frame of the Quality Check platform project (see link