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Every Building On the Planet Must Be ‘Net Zero Carbon’ by 2050 to Keep Global Warming Below 2°C, New Report

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Building Sector—Responsible for 30 Percent of Global Emissions—Has Steep Climb Toward Achieving Paris Agreement Targets 


The building sector, which is responsible for global emissions roughly equivalent to that of China, must operate at “net zero carbon” by 2050 if global warming is to remain under two degrees Celsius, the limit enshrined in the Paris Agreement.

According to a new report by the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC), there are currently 500 net zero commercial buildings and 2,000 net zero homes around the globe (well under 1 percent of all buildings worldwide), requiring a monumental and coordinated effort by businesses, governments and nongovernmental organizations to bring the building sector within striking distance of Paris Agreement targets. “We need nothing short of (...)



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