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First issue of ZERO-PLUS newsletter now available

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ZERO-PLUS is a project receiving funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme ( Grant Agreement No. 678407) aiming to develop and implement a comprehensive, cost-effective modular system for Net Zero Energy (NZE) settlements in a series of case studies across the EU. The full project acronym is "Achieving near Zero and Positive Energy Settlements in Europe using Advanced Energy Technology". 


In ZERO-PLUS, the challenge of significantly reducing the costs of NZE settlements will be achieved through the implementation of three parallel strategies:

  • increasing the efficiency of the components directly providing the energy conservation and energy generation in the NZE settlement;
  • reducing the "balance of system" costs through efficient production and installation processes;
  • reducing operational costs through better management of the loads and resources on a district scale rather than on the scale of a single building.


In January 2016, ZERO-PLUS released its first newsletter. The newsletter describes the aims of the project and presents the applied technologies, case studies, and ZERO-PLUS partners. To read the newsletter please click here.