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IEA report maps out how the Nordic Region can become carbon nuetral by 2050

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This report is the first IEA regional edition of its flagship publication series “Energy Technology Perspectives.”
The report, titled “Nordic Energy Technology Perspectives: Pathways to a Carbon Neutral Energy Future,” details how the Nordic countries can become carbon nuetral by 2050.

The report outlines pathways to carbon neutrality through changes in electricity generation and district heating, industry, transport, and buildings in the five Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.



In the short term, many of the reductions in emissions will come from improved energy efficiency, but there are new incentives and co-ordination which is also proposed in the report. The report also mentions how Nordic countries will need to build on current policies.

Of particular relevance to BUILD UP is chapter 6 of the report titled ¨Buildings¨.