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IEE Project COHERENO April 2013-April 2016

The objective of COHERENO is to strengthen collaboration of enterprises in innovative business schemes for realizing Nearly Zero-Energy Building (NZEB) renovations in single family owner occupied houses. The project focuses on eliminating barriers for collaboration, providing enterprises with guidance on how to collaborate and on developing services for the different customer segments. In this way ad-hoc demonstration projects will be replaced by NZEB renovations in a volume market.

The major outputs of the project will be:
•    National recognized public lists of actors in NZEB single-family house renovations in Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway
•    An overview of structures for successful collaboration between contractors and other actors that are involved in delivering NZEB single-family housing renovation in the partner countries which will include:
a. customer segments related to the business models;
b. success factors and key barriers and solutions for business collaboration;
c. executive summary with success factors and key barriers and solutions for European Contractor Federations.
•    Detailed recommendations on how to implement quality assurance in the various business models, specifically aimed at increasing consumer confidence.
•    The organization, promotion, implementation and documentation of national Business Collaboration Events in Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway, and the compilation of high potential models for collaborative NZEB renovations of owner-occupied single-family houses in these countries.
•    The enabling of motivated supply actors to launch integrated services of NZEB renovation of single-family houses and the establishing of about 20-25 new business collaborative models.
For more information: Ad Straub