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Passive House Institute introduces new categories for building certification

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The Passive House Institute, focusing on the idea that renewable energy is the ideal complement to the efficiency of the Passive House Standard, introduced new categories for its building certification in order to provide reliable guidance for this combination. PHI has developed a new evaluation system based on renewable primary energy (PER), which also takes proper account of the energy that a building generates.


The new evaluation system consists of three Passive House classes:


  • The Passive House Classic, which is the traditional Passive House.
  • The Passive House Plus, in which additional energy is generated, such as from photovoltaics. Such buildings are said to produce about as much energy as residents consume, at least in a net calculation over the year.
  • The Passive House Premium, in which far more energy is produced than needed, setting a new goal for stakeholders.



For further information, please visit the relevant Passive House Institute website.