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RE4 project: WEBINAR 3 - How to build a fully recycled house

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Build a fully recycled house? Yes, you can with RE4 prefabricated building elements incorporating up to 100% of construction demolition waste! RE4 is a H2020 project which after 4 years has developed and tested on three demo sites in Europe and one demo in Taiwan, an energy efficient prefabricated elements for building refurbishment and construction, including an innovative mobile robotic sorting system.


Now the project is at its end and would like to share the outcomes during the four consecutive webinars.


Each webinar will be dedicated to a different topic so if you want to know more about energy efficient solutions, sustainability and circular economy applied in practise register to one of the webinars.


Find the recording of the 3rd webinar HERE!


WEBINAR 3: How to build a fully recycled house


  • RE4 project introduction (FENIX TNT) – 10min
  • Demo in Spain (ACCIONA) – 15min
  • Demo in UK (CREAGH) – 15min
  • Demo in Italy (STRESS) – 15min
  • Replicability in Taiwan (NTUST) – 15min
  • Disassembly strategies (ACCIONA&ZRS) – 15min
  • Question time – 10min