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The rise of the urban energy farmer

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We are on the brink of a true green revolution. New smart technology empowers every man and woman to become urban energy farmers, "reaping" what sunlight they" sow" and selling the remaining "crop" back to energy companies. In the near future, citizens will be stakeholders in the local energy community.

A new global middle class with common consumption patterns is emerging. This new middle class wants to be part of and be more active in a sustainable society. Consumers feel empowered when it comes to the environment and are taking action in their daily lives to reduce consumption and waste, according to a survey by the National Geographic Society and GlobeScan, a research consultancy based in Toronto. As major opportunities in the energy sector are developed at local, residential and regional levels, commitment from local communities will follow.

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This article was first published on the Skanska Partner Zone on the Guardian Sustainable Business Built Environment Hub. It is republished with permission.