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Slovenia adopts EIT Climate-KIC Circular, Regenerative Economies Deep Demonstration

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The Slovenian parliament passed a motion to adopt an EIT Climate-KIC-led proposal called “A Deep Demonstration of a Circular, Regenerative and Low-Carbon Economy in Slovenia” last November. The initiative is one of eight Deep Demonstrations launched by EIT Climate-KIC, which together offer a test bed environment for the ambitious, “1.5-consistent systems transitions” called for by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports, activists, national and European policy.


EIT Climate-KIC Head of Circular Economy Cliona Howie here provides a high-level overview of what the Deep Demonstration entails.


According to the special report on 1.5°C by the IPCC, published in October 2018, our generation faces the challenge of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions to zero within the next 20– (...)


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