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The Smart Specialisation Platform on Bioenergy

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The Smart Specialisation Platform on Bioenergy (S3P) is a tool to improve interregional cooperation through specialisation.

In the spring of 2015, the EC launched the initiative of the Smart Specialisation Platforms (S3P) as a joint initiative of the Directorates-General for Regional and Urban Policy, Energy, and the Joint Research Centre (JRC). Energy being a crucial societal challenge for Europe, the pace of development quickly picked up and the S3P-Energy emerged.

Currently the S3P-Energy is divided in 5 partnerships, of which one of them is bioenergy, having as priority area of work: biofuels, heating & cooling, biogas and knowledge transfer. The S3P-bioenergy is planned to become an enabling tool for regions to coordinate, rationalise and plan their bioenergy strategies, developing a shared vision (...)



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