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STARDUST : smart with a heart

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The STARDUST project participated in the 4th Nordic Edge Expo & Conference held in Stavanger, Norway, from September 25 to 27.

Along with the rest of the Smart City Community, in late September 2018, the STARDUST project attended the 4th Nordic Edge Expo & Conference in Norway. The Nordic Edge is an annual event where the Smart City community presents their latest innovative solutions. This makes it an ideal place for the project partners of the Horizon 2020 Smart Cities and Communities programme to catch up.


“Smart with a Heart” was the theme of this year’s Nordic Edge Expo and Conference. Being smart with a heart mean a lot of things but it mostly boils down to working together and letting people – both the developers and the users – of the technology be mindful of each other’s presence. Apart from the official event, several side-events were organised around this largest Smart City event in the Nordics.


4500 visitors from all across and beyond Europe attended this three-day event to present outcomes, exchange knowledge and meet with project partners. Project coordinators, universities, technical partners, municipalities, investors and decision makers are given the chance to meet like-minded people that hold the same enthusiasm at heart through knowledge exchange, networking and forging of new business opportunities.


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