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A sustainable buildings framework for all : Europe at the forefront of the green transition

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The EU aims to lead by example on the issues of sustainability, circularity, and zero carbon emissions. Further fuelled by the health and economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis, 2020 is proving to be “the” year for Europe’s green transition.


The EU Green Deal, launched in December 2019, gave the motto for the EU’s climate-neutral ambitions.


The new Circular Economy Action Plan, launched in March 2020, sets the agenda for sustainable growth, making the EU economy greener while maintaining its competitiveness and securing new rights for consumers. In the meantime, the European Commission (EC) is preparing roadmaps for further sustainability actions like the Renovation Wave on decarbonisation and clean energy systems; the EU Climate Law; or the Sustainable Europe Investment. And it is also gearing (...)


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