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UK renewables set new records last weekend

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As a result of the weekend’s favourable weather conditions on 9 April, energy generated from renewable sources set new records in the UK. Solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind power benefitted from ideal conditions, with a period of prolonged sunshine followed by high winds. According to the energy monitoring site MyGridGB, on Sunday 9 April, the country witnessed new records set by renewable and low carbon generators.

MyGridGB collates data from a range of sources to determine the make-up of the UK’s electricity mix. Sunday afternoon at around 14:33 (BST) set a new record of solar energy, contributing more than a quarter (26.25 per cent) of the UK’s total energy demand. An hour later, two more records were set – with energy generated from renewables representing 46.98 per cent and wider low carbon sources 70.93 per (...)


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