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Webinar - Heat Pump skills and competencies: A comprehensive framework

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On 4th May 2022, the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) and the HP4All project celebrated a webinar entitled "Heat Pump skills and competencies: A comprehensive framework". The session took place online from 10.00H to 12.00H CET.


The session started with an introduction to the event by Dan Stefanica, from EHPA, followed by a keynote speech by Luca Angelino, Project Adviser at CINEA, who enhanced the European strategies (EU Green Deal, Renovation Wave...) to overcome the "multiple chrisis" that are being suffered from Europe nowadays.


After that, a presentation of the HP4All project was made from Padraic O'Reilly, from TUS. O'Reilly talked about the partners of the projects and its objectives.


Then it was the turn of the panel discussion, moderated by Dan Stefanica. The participants were: Julie Beaufils (Secretary General at EuropeOn – the European Association of Electrical Contractors), Jan Cromwijk (Project Coordinator at ISSO), Carlos García Delgado (Technical specialist on construction and civil engineering at CTA) and Thomas Nowak, Secretary General at EHPA.


Finally, Dan Stefanica provided a brief presentation on the HP4All Competency Framework, talking about process, data gathering, instruments and stakeholders.