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When circular buildings go on air

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A podcast featuring the European project HOUSEFUL and its commitment to make buildings more sustainable has been released.


Circular economy is all over the place in the policy scene since the European Commission presented the Circular Economy Package in early 2018. But what does the term ‘circular economy’ actually mean, and what is the potential of the housing sector in delivering an eco-friendy future for our cities? Both questions were addressed in a podcast by Housing Europe, partner of the European Horizon 2020 HOUSEFUL project.


The podcast, titled “The life cycles of our homes”, is based on interviews with two keynote speakers. One is Theresa Heitzlhofer, communications manager at alchemia-nova, also member of HOUSEFUL. During the interview, Heitzlhofer offered an insight into one of HOUSEFUL’s demonstration cases, a centenary building located in Baumgartenstraße 93 in Vienna (Austria) and in need of substantial refurbishment. In that building, HOUSEFUL is demonstrating the feasibility of the circular solutions designed by the project to reduce energy demand and to recover water and nutrients from waste water and organic waste.


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