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Wild South Media Library (France): Energy & Hot Climates Winner - Green Solutions Awards 2018

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The Wild South Media Library, on the Reunion Island, is based on a specific sustainability approach to the tropical and subtropical climates and interrogates contemporary architecture of the Reunion Island. The library creates a progression from public space to the intimacy, providing a true connection to the outside and blurring the limits with the inside of the building. 


In order to achieve that result, the project was oriented toward passive, but open building requiring no air conditioning thanks to complementary solutions:

  • Over-insulation and protection against solar rays;
  • Light wood façades to reduce the inertia of the walls;
  • Natural ventilation with the addition of a low-pressure chimney;
  • Greenroofs and planted exteriors to create a cool island effect;
  • Maximal permeability for water (...)

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