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Webinar - Policy and regulation landscape regarding bioclimatic design, the use of local materials and comfort indicators in Africa and the EU

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Next Thursday, Jan 26th 14h CET, ABC 21 will host: “Open webinar about the policy and regulation landscape regarding bioclimatic design, the use of local materials and comfort indicators in Africa and the EU”


In this Webinar, Professor Lorenzo Pagliano along with invited discussants (Vincent Kitio from UN-Habitat and others) will present the work developed on the policies regarding energy efficiency and bioclimatic in Europe and Africa.  The session will be in FRENCH and is open to the public. We will start from the report on Policies for Bioclimatic Architecture [Download Report here] produced within ABC21 [ Our Website ]


To open up a discussion on:


  • The need of a common technical language (on energy [download abc21 report], comfort [download abc21 report] and resilience to extreme events [download abc21 report]) to clearly lay out policies and building codes, and make possible to transfer success stories.
  • The need for a focus on “envelope first” policies to avoid posing an unfeasible challenge for energy grids and decarbonisation of supply.
  • How to allow an ordered progress in the building sector with incentives which are stable over time and with zero/low impact on public budget and debt?
  • The case of Energy Efficiency Certificates financed by a levy on energy prices 
  • How to ensure basic energy needs are met for everyone at low prices while making excessive use of energy costly?
    • The example of progressive tariffs (price of energy per unit growing with consumption)
  • How to certify the structural and thermal performances of bio and geo sourced materials in order to allow them to reliably and massively enter into construction practice?

This is an open and online event, with no registrations needed. To access the webinar use the link from MS Teams:


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The complete agenda will be posted soon on Linkedin, Twitter and Website.

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